Working in Watercolor

April 2014

Springtime in Northern California looks like winter one day, then like summer the next.  These changes constantly encourage new expression and I am no exception.  A fairy tale I began thirty years ago is occupying my time this spring.

The story itself is engrossing me, and I am attempting a three dimensional statement of it as well.  Using core board, handmade decorative papers, glue, rulers, and  books on handmade books, I’m enjoying solving the construction of a basic unit.  It’s a joy shopping in an art store here called Riley Street which I formerly used for my watercolor needs.  In a month or two I’ll have something worthy of exhibiting and announce a venue in the Santa Rosa art scene.

Orders for my first book, Working in Watercolor, continue to come in.  In addition enjoyable comments about the rereading of it are being received from collectors, which make the endeavor justifiable.

Ruth Hynds